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The Woodland Priestess
~ healing from within ~

Metis spirit medicine guide gifted with owl medicine, helping to heal the
to remember and return
to its divine purpose.

Founder of The Woodland Escape
~ a nature-focused, rustic woodland space for gathering, learning + healing ~

1:1 Healing and Spiritual Growth

  • Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Yoga + Reiki
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Whole Body Intuitive Scan

Group Healing + Holistic Events
+  Retreats

Seasonal retreats and guided experiences to heal the mind, body and soul in nature and community.

~ guided hikes, plant walks + talks,
family story time and more ~

Join me on a walk down the Pathway to Courage so that you can...

  • Find hope in the chaos and stress of life  
  • Feel connected to yourself and your soul again   
  • Explore tools to help you heal from within  
  • Remind yourself of who you really are / Get clarity on who you are  
  • Find safety within yourself

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Tawny Stowe
Woodland Priestess
Head Mistress of Fireweed Learning Community

Tanshi.  Hello.

About Tawny, The Woodland Priestess Tawny Stowe is a Metis business owner who works on the traditional unceded lands of the Anishinabeg peoples now known as Arden, Ontario, Canada. She is a steward of land and resources which allows her to embody her role as the Woodland Priestess helping folks return home to themselves and their children through a (re)connection to the Earth. Tawny teaches a remembering of the Mind-Body-Soul through the sharing of stories, food, gardening, spirituality + yoga practices, and nature exploration.

Tawny is:
- a Master Reiki Practitioner
- a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Sacred Temple massage practitioner trained in the Infinity Dance Meditation
- has two Permaculture Design certificates
- studies animal tracking & herbal medicine
- is an oracle reader
- and has over 400hrs of yoga Teacher Training which includes 100hrs of Children's Yoga

Tawny walks the path of light as an Initiate of the Sisterhood of light. She is the proud mother of one 6 year old active and curious boy who inspires her to step up as a community leader for better land stewardship practices and spiritual transformation. She volunteers in the homeschool community from Kingston to Brockville and is an active member of the Highland Waters Metis Council.  

Welcome to Our Woodland Escape


"I attended this retreat because I wanted to have some down time and reconnect to my spiritual side. I enjoyed the content of the retreat and also having alone time to be by myself in the hot tub. I also had a chance to lay on the dock in the dark and look at the stars and just be one with the universe. In attending this retreat it helped me really affirm I am on the right path.   The food was phenomenal and overflowing and the accommodation was better than I expected! I liked that you taught at all levels. I was a little worried that this would be a “beginners” spiritual retreat. And it wasn’t.  I think whatever level you are at, you would get something from this.   I very much liked the whole botany plant aspect as I have been foraging for a few years. I feel like I could learn so much more from you and will definitely be keeping an eye for the next retreat you offer!" - R Littlewood

"I spoke comfortably out of my comfort zone with strangers who became family. I learned this weekend that I am loved and cherished for who I am. The food was great and felt like home and I loved the view from the cottages. I am definitely looking forward to attending more events facilitated by Tawny and am recommending to all I know to take the chance and try this retreat the next time it is offered!" - M Thompson

"This was my first time doing a retreat solo and it was phenomenal I loved the experience of being in a yurt for a retreat One of the biggest things I learned about myself while there was that even when I think I can’t do something....I can and this weekend reminded me that there are people that care and in a world where I feel like I am constantly being judged there are women that will hold sacred space and stand strong with me. I would totally attend future events and I will be bringing people with me."
~ K Vreens

"I booked a 7 Card Oracle Reading this week with Tawny. Her wisdom and insights are invaluable. It was spot on and also provided me with next steps toward living fully in my purpose. LOVE LOVE LOVE🤍"
~ Jen Hewson

"Tawny's Fireweed Learning Community is incredible. I've always been drawn to spending more time in nature, and sharing that experience with my kiddos, but aside from going for walks - I didn't really know what else to do. Tawny provides education, tools, ideas to explore nature in a simple way (because I'm pretty sure I overcomplicate these things). I loved the history and information about Easter and St Patrick's Day and the dialogue it opened with not just my smallest, but my teens as well. I also love love love the journal prompts - again, something I've dabbled in, off and on for most of my life. The direction is a blessing and has helped me connect in new and creative ways. I cannot recommend Fireweed Learning Community enough and having this new and unique way to connect with my children. Thank you for creating this space Tawny."
~ Dominique Gautier

"I had a Medical Intuition Assessment from Tawny Stowe at the Fireweed Learning Community and it truly was an amazing experience.  Everything she was able to sense from me was spot on. I definitely feel as part of my yoga practice and my overall wellness lifestyle that I am trying to achieve, learning how to repair my energetic disruptions within myself will make everything I’m working towards in my life come to full circle.   Being as self aware as possible is my goal and to have someone be able to tap into my energies and to help me in the areas that I need improvement without judgement has given me such a new perspective on myself.  I loved working with her and I highly recommend her services!"
~ Caitlin Schneider

"Tawny says it how it is in such an inspirational way. She’s compassionate, caring, loving, focused and most of all REAL. An all around talented and beautiful person inside and out. I’ve gone to Tawny for life coaching and she’s done many mentor sessions with me. She’s fabulous! She’s changed my life, made me realize that it’s ok to be wrong or FEEL a certain way it means I’m growing. Thank so much for helping me in my journey:) Teaching me that I don’t need to stress over unnecessary things and that I’m able to deal with life day by day hour by hour and min by min."
~ Lin M