Getting Acquainted with Chaga

If you could talk to Chaga what would it say? I ask myself this each and every time I want to get better acquainted with a sentient being. When I lean in to study a plant, or fungi, I open my heart to connect with the energy of the Being first. Once I introduce myself and my intentions, I settle in to see what the Being has to share with me. Then and only then do I move onward to books and academic knowledge of such things. To me, this process helps me access a much deeper understanding of the Being and how and when to learn to use or interact with it. When I try to understand the plant (tree or fungi) deeper, I am then better able to understand the intuitive guidance I am receiving when wanting help from this realm.

When I sat down to write this article for you, I asked the plant, what do you want me to share and I was instantly told a “tale”.

One of the many benefits of joining our Running With Wolves Community is that you gain access to the full article on Chaga. It’s a juicy one where I dive into more on what it is, how to use it and how it connects to us through sacred Beings.

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