Understanding Unity

Understanding unity - how we can come together moving forward as a whole.

I chose the word Unity this year as a word to hone in on and learn to embody. UNITY means to be joined as a whole, and with a WHOLE lot of division, Unity felt like a hope-filled way to direct my energy.

For years in spiritual communities, the phrases “Age of Aquarius” and “unity consciousness” have been swirling around. The message over and over spoke to a new way of Being, arriving as the astrological transition from people living under one sign moved to the next. Under this “new age” the people would learn to embody “Unity Consciousness”.

There was that word again, Unity. In the spiritual realm, a form of consciousness to me means awareness and unity consciousness means bringing awareness to all beings connected as one. In order to reach that definition, we need to dive into HOW we can be connected as ONE. The only way I can feel my way into oneness with all living beings is through compassion, love, honesty, courage, truth, humility and respect.

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