After 15 years of wandering, I found a fork in the road that led me on a new journey. Today I share that journey with you, a journey of remembering the connection of the mind, body and soul. The path I walked before, disconnected from the mind-body-soul, left me feeling tired, overwhelmed, lost, and lacking joy. Once I chose to walk the path I am on now, a remembering and reconnecting of Self, I began to discover how much inner strength was buried inside of me. I dusted off inner magic that longed to shine, and I knew that sharing was the only way to satiate my soul's calling.

Join me on a walk down the Pathway to Courage so that you can...

  • Find hope in the chaos and stress of life 
  • Feel connected to yourself and your soul again  
  • Explore tools to help you heal from within 
  • Remind yourself of who you really are / Get clarity on who you are 
  • Find safety within yourself

This course includes 3 modules. 
Each module includes a 30 minute video as well as multiple worksheets with detailed exercises and examples to guide you.

These modules are designed to bring awareness to your current way of living and with the courage to remain curious, help you ask questions on how you feel in your life right now and where you may wish to feel different.

As you journey through each module, I will share my journey and tools to help you feel connected to your mind, body and soul in all ways.

The pathway to courage requires small, steady steps one foot in front of the other.

Take your time with the exercises, let go of getting them right, really lean into them and use them as tools for awareness into who you are. Re-watch each module after trying some of the exercises, notice has anything shifted? The course is designed to self-journey through one module at a time over approximately three months of honest introspection.

The reward?
A sense of feeling whole, joyous, calm and resilient.
When we remember who we are and reconnect the mind body and soul, we live a life of spiritual practice that keeps us walking a pathway to courage.

It's time for you to awaken you power within.

When you experience personal growth, you become empowered.

"The word 'comfort' comes from the Latin words for 'with' and 'strength' and originally meant operating from a position of power."

Joseph Chilton Pearce



One-time fee, CAD

  • 3 Self-Guided Modules
  • videos
  • worksheets
  • examples and inspiration along the way


"If I was to sum up my experience with tawny this far I would say resoundingly ..... I don’t even recognize me anymore! My biggest memory is coming to her at 89 pounds and totally vacant and split off from my own self.  In 8 months I have gotten back into my feeling body and I finally learned how to breath and learning still how to be ok with and process emotions and feelings.  You gotta feel to heal. Tawny is an excellent teacher and guide and she has the most perfect balance of serious ( passion ) and fun ( play ). I’m loving the new format and course offerings and cannot wait to see where this takes us as collective seekers!  🕊"

Michelle Gallant

"Tawny was spot on with her medical intuitive reading! I learned so much about myself and her assessment also validated a lot of the inner work I have been doing.  Her recommendations were excellent and the session flowed very well.  I would highly recommend her services - so much insight!"

Dipa Chauhan-Patel

"Tawny says it how it is in such an inspirational way. She’s compassionate, caring, loving,focused and most of all REAL. An all around talented and beautiful person inside and out. I’ve gone to Tawny for life coaching and she’s done many mentor sessions with me. She’s fabulous! She’s changed my life, made me realize that it’s ok to be wrong or FEEL a certain way it means I’m growing. Thank so much for helping me in my journey:) Teaching me that I don’t need to stress over unnecessary things and that I’m able to deal with life day by day hour by hour and min by min. "

Lin M

Tawny Stowe

About Tawny, The Woodland Priestess

Tawny Stowe is a Metis business owner who works on the traditional unceded lands of the Anishinabeg peoples now known as Arden, Ontario, Canada. She is a steward of land and resources which allows her to embody her role as the Woodland Priestess helping folks return home to themselves and their children through a (re)connection to the Earth. Tawny teaches a remembering of the Mind-Body-Soul through the sharing of stories, food, gardening, spirituality + yoga practices, and nature exploration.

Tawny is:

  • a Master Reiki Practitioner
  • a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Sacred Temple massage practitioner trained in the Infinity Dance Meditation
  • has two Permaculture Design certificates
  • studies animal tracking & herbal medicine
  • is an oracle reader
  • and has over 400hrs of yoga Teacher Training which includes 100hrs of Children's Yoga

Tawny walks the path of light as an Initiate of the Sisterhood of light.

She is the proud mother of one 6 year old active and curious boy who inspires her to step up as a community leader for better land stewardship practices and spiritual transformation. She volunteers in the homeschool community from Kingston to Brockville and is an active member of the Highland Waters Metis Council.