Running with Wolves

A community awakening to Universal truth. Love is the ANTEDOTE.

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The way to return to community:

COMMUNE with Self and fall in love with you
COMMUNE with Nature to remember your interconnectedness and to Root into Truth
COMMUNE with the Creator who resides inside of you and rise to your divine knowingness of expansion
UNITY with all souls in alignment with values forged in co-creative balance for the highest good of all living things





This is a group for...
◎ ANYONE who has awakened to the universal truth that a new way of being is necessary
◎ ANYONE who chooses to stand up for Sovereignty and help UNITE others who stand for the same values.  

 In the name of SOVEREIGNTY, all Souls are welcome to choose what is/was right for them.
To be in this space, you MUST be willing to support and protect this individual freedom.

This community is for you if you are curious about any or all of the following...
◎ permaculture, gardening, holistic health, herbal medicine, homeschooling, homesteading, preserving food, forest school, oracle readings, spirituality, conscious parenting, sustainability, crystals, living your purpose, yoga, meditation

You might identify with being...
a lightworker, a seeker, someone who engages in self reflection regularly, hopeful

"As a part of the channeled messages they recently gave me the name Running with Wolves for this community to symbolize a return to values, to culture, and to the Rising of The Divine Feminine . The message from spirit is asking us all to choose to unite as a pack of individuals committed to a new way of living rooted in ancient values while carving a path in modern life."
~ Tawny Stowe, founder

Working to understand each value and how it turns up in the way we walk on the Earth and as members of this community is what ensures we continue to grow spiritually as a community rooted in wisdom for generations to come.
It is also the fulfillment of many Indigenous Prophecies.

2 Simple Steps to Join our Community:

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What does membership in this community offer?  
You've heard about it and that's why you're here. This is a space to connect with those of like mind, to work together to build the world as we want to see it, and to be there for each other in times when it is needed most. This is a private membership of radical self-responsibility and, hopefully, a whole lot of love. You'll need to join to see what it has grown into, as it will be ever-evolving into whatever we create with it.  

Why do I need to donate to become a member and join the community?
This supports the creation of a space for those who are truly interested in actively participating in it, helping to maintain the integrity and strength of the community. The more we invest ourselves, the more we tend to give, and the more we tend to get, as well.  

Can I cancel my membership or am I somehow locked in?
You can cancel your membership anytime! There are no hidden agendas or agreements here. Just cancel your ongoing monthly donation by logging into your account here on Woodland Priestess and we kindly ask that you let us know.  

What if I cannot afford the monthly donation?
If the donation would create a barrier to entry for you and you would like to join our membership, reach out to us.

Tawny Stowe

About Tawny, The Woodland Priestess

Tawny Stowe is a Metis business owner who works on the traditional unceded lands of the Anishinabeg peoples now known as Arden, Ontario, Canada.

Tawny is a steward of land and resources which allows her to embody her role as the Woodland Priestess helping parents return home to themselves and their children through a (re)connection to the Earth. She teaches a remembering of the Mind-Body-Soul through the sharing of childrens’ stories, song, food, creative activities, gardening, spirituality + yoga practices, and nature exploration.    

Tawny is a Master Reiki Practitioner, has two Permaculture Design certificates, studies animal tracking & herbal medicine, is an oracle reader and has over 400hrs of yoga Teacher Training which includes 100hrs of Children's Yoga.

Tawny is the proud mother of one 6 year old active and curious boy who inspires her to step up as a community leader for better land stewardship practices and spiritual transformation. She volunteers in the homeschool community from Kingston to Brockville and is an active member of the Highland Waters Metis Council.