Half Day Holisitc Spa Experience

"When you were walking around me with your drum and speaking your language, I just want to tell you it’s the most beautiful language I’ve ever heard, and I’ve done a lot of traveling.
It sounds like nature is talking, it's beautiful."
~ J. MacDougall


Sacred space is held among beings. 

I honour this land and all its beings with reverence, ceremony and celebration.

In return it holds us as we do sacred work and healing.

Working one on one for 3 hours with one soul takes me on a journey that is led by sacred beings.
I am a conduit.

The drum is a gift, a sister to me. Her name is Ode'min.
Sometimes she speaks to me and offers her medicine to those I'm working with.

Where it takes them......is their own personal journey and I walk with them helping them to see in the dark. 

These yurts, this drum, the medicines, the beings, this land.........
an alternate reality where true healing thrives.  

Consider an oracle reading that opens up where to direct healing energy in.

Restorative yoga that deepens your breath to help you surrender.
Receive love in a Lomi Lomi massage.  

3 hours  

Total transformation.  

Let's walk the sacred path together 🐺🐍♾️🦉
Begin with an Oracle Reading using plants chakra and archetypes.
Within this reading we explore your spiritual side.
Through the cards we look at how you can shift or grow to feel in soulful alignment and hear the whispers of your soul.

Using what we reveal in your Oracle Reading we move into Restorative Yoga and Meditation. I set up gentle, supported ways to release fascia and move energy through your chakras while you rest on the yoga mat.

After deepening your breath and eliciting the relaxation response through restorative yoga we move to the massage table. A Hawaiian intention card is pulled to help facilitate the spiritual process of helping you soul return to the island, your body. The massage is full of long circular motions excellent for moving lymphatic fluid
and aiding in soothing relaxation. 

♥️ Spending three hours blending these modalities facilitates a total mind-body- soul
deep healing and often transformative experience ♥️

Traveling from afar?
Make it a 2 day event with a stay at our friends over
at Springwood Cottages.  
Reach out for availability
or to book a single service
as a stand alone.