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Retreat at Springwood Resort
April 20-23, 2023
Spring energy asks us to become inspired, ignited, and enamoured with life!

Join Tawny for this 3 NIGHT and 4 DAY Nourishing Spring Retreat!  

Come gather in two shared cabins nestled on Kennebec Lake at Springwood Resort. where everyone has their own room and bond as a sisterhood at nearby Springwood Resort.
One of the two cottage's will be designated as a communal meal and gathering space.
Those requiring more solitude can request the second cabin at time of booking. Requests will be managed on a first come basis.

Each cottage offers a self contained kitchen and indoor washroom facilities.
Upon registration guests will be assigned to cottages on a first come first serve basis and bed sizes will be provided so you can bring the appropriate lines. For those wishing to rent linens this can be arranged for an additional fee.  

For this retreat all meals, some snacks, tea and coffee will be provided.
You will be required to make your own breakfasts, and are welcome to bring any additional food to supplement meals and stacks that contributes to your overall well-being and enjoyment.

As we are a remote rural location all meal requests and allergies must be made known at time of booking and where possible accommodation will be made. Meals will be built upon local availability and seasonal availability and include meat as a main protein source. Final menu will be confirmed closer to the time of the event.  

Workshops + Retreat Details:
Workshops will happen over two properties utilizing outdoor spaces at Springwood Resort + The Woodland Escape, Tawny's personal healing lodge. You will be invited to spend time by the lakes, by the fire, and in the yurts as well as afforded ample free time to read, journal, hike nearby trails or rest.

As we gather to nourish our wells of creativity and ignite our paths for the coming year our workshops will focus on chakras 8-12, empowered will, self responsibility, and co-creative action. We will move through these themes with facilitated conversations, yoga, plants, archetypes, and chakras.  

Those with little to no yoga, chakra, or plant knowledge are absolutely welcome to attend. All of Tawny's teachings open up room to grow for any level of curious being seeking spiritual growth and meaningful connection.

By design, you can come once or come year after year and find room to expand!

Tawny teaches through experience and as such provides little in the way of handouts if at all so that you can process what feels important for you in each moment. Journals are strongly recommended.  

Tawny's signature Restorative yoga will be a large component of time in the yurts and for this retreat will be themed to healing the waters within and igniting our fire. As this is a spring retreat, morning practices with some active hatha yoga will be an option for those interested in attending.

Retreats with me facilitate deep healing, intensive shadow work, profound growth, and nourishing bonds with like minded women!

Additional Details:
Carpooling to the Woodland Escape is recommended for the 8 minute drive and an initial convoy will be led by Tawny to ensure directions are easy to follow.  
An Itinerary will be co-created closer to arrival date to be in harmony with the current collective energies.  

To meet the Ontario laws accommodation for this retreat is paid separately and must be paid directly to springwood resort by mentioning Tawny's retreat.

The energetic exchange for this weekend for yoga, workshops, and meals is $843 plus applicable taxes.
You may contact me for more details or book using the link provided below to reserve your space today!

Please Note:  
Space is not held until both Tawny and Springwood receive your payment.
For payment plans please reach out directly to Tawny.  
Retreats are non refundable. 


'I attended this retreat because  I am open to new experiences and have started saying YES to life. I saw the ad on facebook, I had no idea what to expect but I very much enjoyed all aspects of the retreat. I certainly wasn’t expecting to feel so deeply.  I wasn’t sure it was still in there but I have so many special moments with all the women in the group... I felt all the emotions and felt safe to be vulnerable and authentically me.   Everything was special in its own way but the drumming meditation took me to a deep place I am still processing. After attending this retreat I feel like all the anger and angst and darkness is behind me.   I feel like a light is shining through and forward from my body, I am radiating warmth and walking forward with open arms. I will definitely be back to any future events I can!"
 ~ E Zuber

"This was my first time doing a retreat solo and it was phenomenal. I loved the experience of being in a yurt for a retreat One of the biggest things I learned about myself while here was that even when I think I can’t do something....I can and this weekend reminded me that there are people that care and in a world where I feel like I am constantly being judged there are women that will hold sacred space and stand strong with me. I would totally attend future events and I will be bringing people with me."
~ K Vreens

"I spoke comfortably out of my comfort zone with strangers who became family. I learned this weekend that I am loved and cherished for who I am. The food was great and felt like home and I loved the view from the cottages. I am definitely looking forward to attending more events facilitated by Tawny and am recommending to all I know to take the chance and try this retreat the next time it is offered!
~M Thompson

"I attended this retreat to gain more insight on the path I was leading and to learn about plant medicine and To make connections with other females while reconnecting with myself. I felt like I had lots of time to participate and that a safe space was created and held by Tawny for me and for the others. I was really satisfied with the content. It made me want to do more research on how diet and plants play a role on overall well-being and health and enjoyed the various levels of conversation we had spurring from our content. This weekend made me aware that I have  started shifting my thinking and becoming more true to myself. I saw myself reflected back in Tawny's teachings and in conversations with others that were both facilitated or organically took place.  In this retreat I had a huge breakthrough on the role of my children in my life and mine in theirs, it was profound and inspiring! Listening to other people’s experiences and bonding over holding space for one another was an unexpected outcome from this retreat that I truly enjoyed. Tawny made it so that you could feel the energy of everyone and there was no judgement, a true space for healing and growth. The Yurt Experience felt magical,  it made me instantly relax and I could feel it holding me so I could be vulnerable as I knew it would protect me. Being with the Yurt, Tawny, and on a scenic lake front property to sleep made this an incredible experience. I have been learning from Tawny for years and followed her from another city to get to this retreat! Her teachings always take me to new places within, no matter how many times I hear her speak on the same topic! I will come back again and again to learn with her, the safe spaces, the content, and the healing are unparalleled!"  
~ A Henderson

Tawny Stowe
Woodland Priestess
Head Mistress of Fireweed Learning Community

About Your Host, Tawny:

Tanshi.  Hello.
About Tawny, The Woodland Priestess Tawny Stowe is a Metis business owner who works on the traditional unceded lands of the Anishinabeg peoples now known as Arden, Ontario, Canada. She is a steward of land and resources which allows her to embody her role as the Woodland Priestess helping folks return home to themselves and their children through a (re)connection to the Earth. Tawny teaches a remembering of the Mind-Body-Soul through the sharing of stories, food, gardening, spirituality + yoga practices, and nature exploration.

Tawny is:
- a Master Reiki Practitioner
- a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Sacred Temple massage practitioner trained in the Infinity Dance Meditation
- has two Permaculture Design certificates
- studies animal tracking & herbal medicine
- is an oracle reader
- and has over 400hrs of yoga Teacher Training which includes 100hrs of Children's Yoga  

Tawny walks the path of light as an Initiate of the Sisterhood of light. She is the proud mother of one 6 year old active and curious boy who inspires her to step up as a community leader for better land stewardship practices and spiritual transformation. She volunteers in the homeschool community from Kingston to Brockville and is an active member of the Highland Waters Metis Council.